November 14, 2008, at 9:54 am

Rupie Edwards mix

Rupie EdwardsThe Dancecrasher mixes and downloads on podomatic are rarely available as the bandwidth available for free accounts is so limited. Eventually the podomatic account will be closed down but before all the mixes dissapear for good they will be made available for one more time here.

Starting off with a mix of Rupie Edwards productions.


Four great rhythms from the mighty Rupie Edwards dating from 1969 to 1972.
Rupie is rarely placed in the top flight of reggae producers from the ’70’s, though from his work with Gregory Isaacs at the turn of the decade right through to his groundbreaking Yamaha Skank LP and chart topping hits Irie Feelings and Leggo Skanga it’s clear that greater recognition is thoroughly deserved. Look out for part 2!

**Buttoo Rhythm**
Concordes – Buttoo (Blank)
Errol Bailey – Hernbert Splifington (Blank)
Rupie Edwards All stars – Grandfather Clock (UK Success)
Karl Bryan – Young Mal Melody (USA Success)
Rupie Edwards – Promotors Grouse (UK Success)
Ethiopians – Gilda (Circle)
Ansell Collins – Flat Bridge (Circle)
**Young Gifted And Black rhythm**
Rupie And Sidy – The Return Of Herbert Splifington (UK Success)
Rupie Edwards All Stars – Yough Gifted And Black (UK Success)
**If You Can’t Beat Them rhythm**
Rupie Edwards – If You can’t Beat Them (Blank)
Neville Hinds – Conjunction (UK Success)
Tommy McCook – Bubbling Horn (Pure Gold LP – Success Records)
**When you Go to A Party rhythm**
Meditators – When You Go To A Party (UK Big)
Froggy Ray/U Roy Junior (?) – Party Version (?) (UK blank)
Gregory Isaacs- Lonely Man (Blank)

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