February 11, 2008, at 11:52 pm

Reading mattersico

Issue 47 of French Reggae magazine Natty Dread is out and about and despite the fact that we don’t speak French and therefore don’t understand a word of it it comes highly recommended.

Chezidek is on the cover and is featured in a long interview with some great pictures. Representing the old school are interviews with Unity records/Sound System main man Robert “Ribs” Fearon and 80’s Dancehall sensation Little John.

As always there is also a free CD so even if you don’t speak French you can still enjoy to the tunes while you look at the pictures.

Also on the publications front we recently received a copy of German magazine Big Shot. This is a skinhead magazine but articles/interviews with Max Romeo, Rico etc should make this of interest to more than just the follically challenged…(assuming you read German of course!) Check their website for more info www.bigshotzine.net.

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