February 13, 2008, at 10:53 pm

More stuff to read when you should be working

Blogs can be a hit and miss business. Many turn out with great intentions but then fizzle out fairly quickly or are updated so rarely that the whole thing becomes pointless, others are just plain dull.

Here are a few Reggae related ones that we check regularly, the emphasis tends to be less on older sounds and more on modern stuff… Let us know about any you check (not LP download sites though – we don’t deal with bootleggers) and just for a laugh, vote in the poll. We just hope that this doesn’t cause as many ructions as the previous article about messageboards 😉

Heatwave The Heatwave Crew are best known for their remixes and Dancehall/Reggaeton club nights in London. The blog unsurprisingly gives prominence to their promotions but there is far more besides with some interesting comment on current Dancehall and the occasional fine download.
Prancehall Dancehall, Grime and plenty of cutting humour. I’m sure they spend all day on youtube though…
Computerstyle focussing on Dancehall from all era’s this one is always a great read, though sometimes you wish they’d update a little more often.
Uncarved.org Not all reggae but the other stuff always shows a good attitude so is worth checking out.
DistinctlyJamaicanSounds A little dry (that’s a nerve coming from DanceCrasher!) but some nice mixes make this well worth checking.
Who Cork the dance Not so much a blog (except it uses the format) but Sound Tape Heaven, great stuff.


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