April 11, 2008, at 11:41 am

Micron On Pressure Sounds

Another new release that sounds like it could be a winner is Every Mouth Must Be Fed a various producers set of singles originally released on the Micron label in the early to mid 70’s. Due out on Pressure Sounds on 16 June this set should be well worth checking.

Track Listing:
1. Conference At Waterhouse – Jah Stitch
2. Conference Version
3. Lorna Banana – Junior Byles
4. Revolution Is For The Chinaman – Pete Weston & The Flames
5. Straight To Scratch Head (Lorna Banana Version)
6. Message From The Top – I Roy
7. Our Rights – The Defenders
8. Our Version – The Defenders
9. The Right To Live – U Roy
10. Tribute To Muhammad Ali – Tommy McCook
11. Wages Of Crime – Joe Higgs
12. Wages Of Crime Version
13. Ska Baby – Bobby Ellis
14. Ska Version Instrumental
15. Every Mouth Must Be Fed – I Roy
16. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg – Junior Byles
17. Last Of The Love Songs (Version) – Junior Byles
18. Black Organ – Blacker Black
19. Mad Mad Hatter – I Roy
20. Mad Mad Horn – Version

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