August 20, 2008, at 11:33 pm

Johnny "Dizzy" Moore RIP


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4 comments to Johnny "Dizzy" Moore RIP

  • Tim P

    Someone asked for the tracklist for the mix:

    Red Is Danger (Justin Yap)
    Big Big Boss (Lloyd Daley)
    Sound And Soul (Caltone)
    Tribute To Sir Alex (Ellis/Moore)
    Reflections Of Don D (Joe Gibbs)

  • Dennis Gill

    many fond memories of the Skatalites Band. As a teenager my brother and myself use to go to Bournemouth Club on Wednesday nights to hear
    them. We journeyed from Spanish town by Bus not knowing how we were getting home at 3:00 am when the session was over. Dizzy RIP, You’re gone to join Gabriel, Don, Roland, Jackie, Tommy and the rest.There’ll be some sweet sounds coming down on the night shift.
    As for me I got a whole lot of your music to last a lifetime.
    Farewell Brother Man, Farewell

  • Thanks one more time for the joy and happy moments you gave us with those wonderful gigs with the Skatalites and then with Jamaica All Stars here in Italy.
    Love and respect to another, beloved artist of our wonderful music!

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