May 2, 2008, at 12:43 pm

Downloads gone legal

While there has never been a justification for people giving away tunes that you can readily go out and buy, the situation with brand new rhythms has been a difficult one. Many of these don’t see release on 7″ anymore and it was extremely difficult to get hold of legitimate copies as a result.

It’s been something of an open secret that the web was crying out for a reasonable download service dedicated to Reggae that could provide new rhythms, hot off the press, along side the more obvious downloads of release CD’s. This would obviously take good links, technical know how and resources to start up. No surprises then that the best hope in this direction so far comes from an established web shop from Germany.

mp3.soundquake look like they are definitely heading in the right direction and we hope that this venture is a success. The alternative is more bootlegging meaning less money in the Reggae business meaning less music being made. If you want it you’ve got to pay for it!

Hopefully the industry will support this venture.

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