April 4, 2008, at 2:31 pm

Discomix style

Wall to wall classics are guaranteed on a forthcoming release from Greensleeves featuring Jah Thomas productions in a discomix style as originally released on 12″ single back in the day.

1. Triston Palmer, Jah Thomas & Toyan – Entertainment
2. Michael Palmer & Jim Brown – Ghetto Dance
3. Triston Palmer – Joker Smoker
4. Papa Bruce – Loafter Smoker
5. Anthony Johnson, Jah Thomas & Toyan – Gunshot
6. Little John & Toyan – Jah Guide I
7. Bunny Lie Lie & Lee Van Cliff – Mr Dynamite
8. Michael Palmer- I’m Still Dancing
9. Peter Metro & Zu Zu – Calypso Calypso
10. Little John – Joker Lover
11. Billy Boyo – Scandal

Due out on 19 May on CD only (GRELCD614). Dancerasher says…once again you can’t go wrong.

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