June 27, 2008, at 7:58 am

Classic Truth And Rights

Truth & RightsHeartbeat Records are going to (re-)re-issue one of the greatest ever Studio One LP’s on CD, Truth And Rights by Johnny Osbourne.

Out of 8 July the orginal LP was released in 1979 and is a classic of the early Dancehall period, Heartbeat put it out before in the early 90’s with a different cover and the original 10 tracks.

Alongside the original tracks on this issue is an extra vocal Let Me In, some extended mixes (though it’s not clear if these are contemporary or recently put together at Heartbeat HQ) a DJ cut by Jah Jesco on the Please Be True rhythm (the same rhythm as Sing Jay Stylee on the CD) and a Dub Specialist tune Luanda (originally off the African Rub A Dub LP, this is on the same rhythm as We Need Love on the CD, originally Otis Gayle’s – I’ll Be Around).

If you don’t have this already then you need to get this new version, trust me.

  1. Truths and Rights
  2. Children Are Crying
  3. Can’t Buy Love
  4. Jah Promise
  5. Nah Skin Up
  6. We Need Love
  7. Eternal Peace
  8. Sing Jay Stylee
  9. Love Jah So
  10. Let Me In
  11. Jealousy Heartache and Pain
  12. Luanda – Dub Specialist
  13. West Gone Black – Jah Jesco & Jucey Bravo
  14. Truths and Rights (extended mix)
  15. Sing Jay Stylee (extended mix)
  16. Can’t Buy Love/Swing Easy

2 comments to Classic Truth And Rights

  • c a

    nice! my studio one LP is NOISY

  • Douglas

    Still arguably the best album released on Studio One since the archives were raided by Channel One/Joe Gibbs/Bunny Lee in the mid-Seventies. Only “Everything Crash” rivals it.

    Mind you, I’m not personally tempted to share out a lot of my hard-earned for ONE previously unreleased track and a couple of dub mixes

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