January 4, 2008, at 10:45 pm

Chicken Scratch

Heartbeat Records re-release their compilation of Lee Perry’s Ska sides recorded for Coxsone Dodd on 29 January.

Titled the Chicken Scratch Deluxe Edition this is an update of the original issue from 1989. Most notably a significant number of the tunes are included in their original form, as released on 7″. On the previous Chicken Scratch release many of the tunes had more modern overdubs on them (these were on the tapes that Coxsone supplied to Heartbeat at the time).

It has to be said that Lee Perry is not the greatest singer to have ever come out of Jamaica and the vocals on some of these tunes are a bit of an aquired taste. All the same there is some real quality and plenty of classic moments on this release and it’s well worth picking up.

Tracklist (*previously only available with overdubs)

  1. Feel Like Jumping 2:28*
  2. Chicken Scratch 2:50
  3. Please Don’t Go – Lee Perry & the Soulettes 3:12*
  4. Solid as a Rock 2:40
  5. By Saint Peter – Lee Perry & the Soulettes 2:31*
  6. Tackoo 2:09
  7. Roast Duck – Lee Perry & the Dynamites 2:32
  8. Hand to Hand – Lee Perry & the Wailers 2:25*
  9. Gumma – Lee Perry & the Dynamites 1:58*
  10. Rape Bait aka Jane Ann and the Pumpkin 1:53*
  11. Just Keep It Up 2:49*
  12. Open Up (Cook Book) aka Puss in Bag – Lee Perry 2:47*
  13. Mother in Law 3:13*
  14. Madhead 2:52*
  15. Help the Weak 2:38*
  16. Cannot Wrong (And Get Right) 2:23*
  17. John Tom – Lee Perry & the Dynamites 2:35*
  18. Run Rudie Run – Lee Perry & the Gaylads 2:50

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