May 12, 2008, at 9:54 am

Champion Sound

Champion Sound FilmChampion Sound, a new documentary film about the history of Sound Systems in Coventry has it’s first screening on Tuesday 13 May at the Herbert Museum in Coventry. This looks like it should be a superb insight into the development of Sound Systems in the UK and a must see.

Check the Champion Sound website.

There was a short BBC report about the exhibition organised to launch the film.

The Coventry Telegraph had a good feature recently.

3 comments to Champion Sound

  • Donald Gregory

    Went to see this the other day. It is unmissable for any lover of reggae history but like most documentaries on the subject, does not give a clear indication of the music’s progression though its different eras, from boogie shuffle to reggae. Do see it though.

    Donald Gregory

  • Glad that you enjoyed the film and exhibition. I devised and directed the film and I wanted to give voices to the people that moved the scene onwards. So I only worked the story themes that Coventry people talked about.

    Most older sounds talked about R&B from the Louis Jordan era, Bluebeat or ska the move to reggae and dancehall. Mento and Rock Steady weren’t mentioned in the interviews. I was happy that we got some detail about sound system equipment like the mighty GEC KT88 valves, Garrad decks and quad boxes which I hope make up for the gaps.

    Many thanks for the feedback.

  • admin

    Nice one Matthew – thanks for the comment.

    Have you plans to show the film more widely or maybe a DVD release? I’d love to see this myself and I’m sure others would be interested as well.


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