April 11, 2008, at 9:05 am

Bits Of Paper

Due to the rise of the internet and decline in advertising revenues magazines may not be the force than they once were but there are still a few around that are worth checking.

Natty Dread

Possibly the best Reggae magazine in the world. It definitely looks the best unfortunately it’s all in French so if your like the DanceCrasher crew and didn’t pay attention at school your going to struggle. That said it wins on looks alone with some superb pictures, great layout and fascinating looking articles.

The latest issue has Joe Gibbs RIP on the cover and features/interviews etc on Mikey Dread, Joe Lickshot, Ranchie McClean, Terry Linen etc etc…

Even if you don’t read French this is definitely worth checking and if all else fails the sampler CD is worth the price on it’s own. Check the Natty Dread website.


Woofah is the new kid on the block. An irregular A5 fanzine/magazine that has just reached it’s second issue (and is thankfully in English!). Woofah doesn’t just cover Reggae, it also looks at newfangled styles such as Grime and Dubstep but clearly the concept is sound as they fit well together and the magazine is receiving strong support, the first issue sold out in just a couple of months.

Issue two has an interesting interview with Tippa Irie and a piece about Ninjaman alongside the second part of an interview with Mark Iration (Iration Steppas) that started in issue one. Disappointingly it lacks the humorous edge that was demonstrated in issue one thanks to the Badman Commandments article about deejay lyrics by Gabriel Heatwave. That said it’s still a great read and well worth the £4.00 (inc P+P in the UK) outlay.

You can buy it direct from Woofahmag.com but don’t hang around, as we said, issue one sold out very quickly.

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